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AEON's Tri-annual Fashion Preview Returns, Featuring StevenSunny in Bold Colours and Collaborating with TARUMT.

The much-anticipated AEON Fashion Preview (AFP) is back, showcasing fashion as fresh and vibrant trends that young people need to express themselves. This Nov23 edition of AFP marks a collaboration with the strong and opinionated student community of Tunku Abdul Rahman University of Management & Technology (TARUMT). AEON’s youth radar reframing three themes as conversation starters: anime streetwear, denimwear and festive wear.

AEON SELECT Takes Anime to The Street

Anime streetwear is rapidly emerging as a dominant trend, captivating fashion enthusiasts with its unique blend of urban aesthetics and modern motifs. At AEON, the whole of 2024’s calendar is mapped meticulously to release multiple anime surprise capsules from Naruto, Spy X Family, Jujutsu Kaisen and Demon Slayer.Whether it's the sleek minimalism of cyberpunk anime or the bold, colourful palettes

of classic manga, the AEON SELECT collections will aim for a diverse and exciting range of vibes.

In celebrating the innovation of next-gen designers - a unique bridge between anime and fashion for stylish self-expression, TARUMT fashion students from the Faculty of Communication and Creative Industries (FCCI) took part in restyling the Naruto collection, turning it into cosplay couture, graphic streetwear, and anime-inspired accessories. The students are:

1. Low Yan Yi

2. Desiree Chang Chai Ling

3. Soom Ken Yin

4. Kavinita a/p Ragunathan

5. Noprena Maria

6. See Yu Yun

7. Chern Yong Xin

8. Nur Aila Aleena Tong

9.Lam Shee Yun

10. Intan Nurlyzana

Supervised and guided by their lecturer

11. Siti Nur Syuhada

12. Aizurawaty

SCAR Uncodes The Denim Dynamics

Denimwear, once synonymous with rugged workwear, has undergone a transformative journey over the years, evolving into a versatile and timeless fashion staple that seamlesslytranscends generations. The fabric's resilience and comfort, originally designed for durability in labor-intensive settings, have found new expressions in contemporary fashion. Innovations such as stretch denim have added a new dimension to comfort and fit, allowing for a dynamic range of motion without compromising the classic denim aesthetic. Raw denim, celebrated for its authentic and unwashed state, appeals to purists seeking a more personalised wear pattern over

time. These variations in denim fabric cater to diverse preferences, ensuring that

denim remains a wardrobe essential for every generation.

Festivewear Is The Most Relevant Occasionwear

Step into a world where festivewear becomes a cross-generational expression of joy and individuality, making every occasion a timeless celebration. Revolutionising the

traditional style of festivities that goes beyond the confines of age, embracing a cross-generational appeal that resonates with both the young and the young-at-heart. At AEON, many brands this season is featuring collections that reflects an inclusive spirit,

offering an array of styles that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Whether it's the exuberance of vibrant prints, the timeless elegance of shimmering sequins, or the comfort of unconventional silhouettes, ARCADIA, innerCasual, ti:zed, SCAR, Guys’

Vision and Kids Republic and even M for mothers; transcends generational gaps,

inviting individuals of all ages to revel in the joy of celebration. 

Low Ngai Yuen, the Chief Merchandise and Marketing Officer of AEON Malaysia said as she launched the Preview, "This edition of AFP is insisting that fashion no longer should be confined to narrow standards. AEON has long embraced diversity in body shapes, sizes, ethnicities, genders, and abilities. We are prioritising inclusive sizing, adaptive clothing, and affordable yet stylish options. Fashion is now a platform for self-expression that speaks to people from all walks of life. Collaborating with StevenSunny is exactly that - #ownwhatyouwear is a movement AEON started 2 years ago with the trendsetter extraordinaire and iconic style curator. We are committed to the ethos that our fashion must be reflective of the richtapestry of humanity. We believe that everyone deserves to feel confident and express their identity through clothing, and AEON strives to make fashion not only a mirror of society but a catalyst for positive change. Inclusivity and accessibility are not trends; they are the projection of a more compassionate and representative fashion industry.”

This season, SCAR features StevenSunny the fashion and style maven to elevate fashion as a tool for self-expressions. With an emphasis on bold cuts and vibrant colours on 100% cotton – the call is to be confident to create and to #ownwhatyouwear. With an acute understanding of individual preferences, StevenSunny’s innate sense of style also wields an extraordinary ability to consistently push boundaries to set new looks for self. 

“In a world where conformity often looms, fashion stands as a liberating force, empowering individuals to embrace their authenticity. Let’s celebrate that!” continued Low Ngai Yuen, introducing StevenSunny.

In line with AEON's commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 8 and 15, focusing on promoting a peaceful and inclusive society for sustainable development, providing access to justice, and building effective, responsible, and inclusive institutions, the fashion preview ensures access to fashion while championing sustainability.

More of AEON exclusives, featuring a curated selection of top-notch brands:

innercasual (iC):

Top-quality and sustainability take center stage, catering to various sizes and age groups. Choose from three distinctive styles - ActiveWear, PeaceFit with innovative technology, and a Sustainable fashion range.


Empower your personal style with Scar's unique offerings, including tie-dye, crop flutter-layers, and personalised detailing.


Experience effortless style with Puteri's modest range, including Muslimah swimwear

paired with stylish chiffon outerwear.


Celebrate the beauty of every size with this brand's core value.


Timeless styles come to life with Arcadia, offering linen tops, pants, and earthy tones with exquisite embroidery detailing.


Embrace comfort during maternity with M's wrinkle-free, lightweight fabric designs, including nursing-friendly tops, dresses, and skirts.


Must-have knit essentials for both men and women, including stylish hoodies, pullovers, and cotton printed shirt-dresses.

Guys’ Vision:

Discover men's casualwear designed for long-lasting wearability, easy-care, and quintessential staying power that complements any personal style.

About AEON Fashion Preview (AFP)

AEON Fashion Preview (AFP) is a triennial preview of what’s upcoming for AEON’s fashion brands. Highlighting the latest in trends, styles, colours and textures as we showcase the new season’s arrivals as well as announcing exciting collaborations. Past AFP included the launch of our imported athleisure range, innercasual (iC) featuring sustainability by Katharine Hamnett at the boutique TRIBE studios following the fun fashion runway in a moving MRT; to reimagining comfort at the Kuala Lumpur TAPAK food trucks park; collaborating with UITM Fine Arts taking fashion back to where the ideas are first germinated and nurtured; and the most recent featured 500 crowdsourced personalities walking the runway, making it the largest fashion show of individuality and self-expression.

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